Michael Ferstenfeld

Performer | Producer | Educator | Developer



  • Editing Reel
  • Audio / Video Production – Television / Radio / Web Broadcast Spot Production, Animation, Photography, Documentary Filmmaking
  • Podcast Production – Creator and Host of the Make Every Media Podcast.
  • Event Production – Artistic Director of Dystheatre (a Theatre, Mixed Media, and Cultural Preservation Based Non-Profit)


  • E-Learning Portfolio Site
  • Instructional Systems Design & E-Learning Developer
  • Productivity, Technology, and Creative Coach
  • Improv Teacher at MerlinWorks School of Improvisation



July 11th – September 2nd

Disney’s BEAUTY & THE BEAST: The Musical — back on stage actin, singin, and dancin in ZACH Theatre’s production of the Broadway smash hit this summer!

@ ZACH’s Topfer Stage


Thursday, February 8th

MEM•VR: Preserving Memories, Art, and Culture — Preserving culture in hybrid reality, creating VR learning environments, gamifying museums with AR, and empowering students to create in every media.

@ Texas Computer Education Assocation Conference (TCEA) in The Experience at the Digital Square.

Milktoast Millie & The Scabby Knees — Fiddlin, celloin, harmonica-playin, recorder & melodica tootin, scabby knee in the early days of this now world-famous feminist punk-grass duo!

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