Confidence Men

Confidence Men is six Austin, TX based improvisers who have come together out of a shared appreciation for the dialogue of noted playwright David Mamet. We take an an audience suggestion for where that night’s particular story will take place, and then create a two-act improvised play on the spot infused with the verbal style and story sensibility of Mamet himself: rapid-fire elliptical speech, liberal and creative use of profanity, desperate men trying to fight for one-upmanship in a dog-eat-dog junkyard of a world.

In three years, we’ve toured extensively (Seattle, Twin Cities, Providence, Vancouver, Boston, and New York F*cking City to name a few) and picked up numerous awards along the way, including B. Iden Paynes for “Best Improvised Theatre” in 2010 and 2011, which is like the Tony Award of Central Texas. We’ve been called “a beautifully played bit of Mamet pastiche, sharp and fast as mob gunfire,” that “nails it to the f*cking wall,” by the Austin Chronicle, and we continue to relish every opportunity to push the quality and scope of their show even further– our love of Mamet plows full-speed ahead!

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