Happiness is a Choice

the process by which we discover the process . . .

Happiness is a Choice employs improvisation, the scientific method, and a unique brand of meta-theatre to learn about each other and about the moments that they share on stage.


Listen. To Happiness Practitioner Paul: Life makes recommendations. Recommendations are hypotheses. Tests are how we live. Each moment falls into the next, a test whose success or failure materializes as a proceeding test, unfolding into the next. Testing hypotheses yields results, although sometimes, results are difficult to interpret. There are things beyond our grasping. We have yet to determine if the cause of their indeterminacy is an inherent quality of human existence, or if we merely have yet to accumulate the requisite aspects of experience to fortify such determinations. In either case, we are unable to determine the reasons underlying our incapacities of determinacy. That is, though a determination of this hypothesis may be conceivably possible, it is beyond our current capacities of experimentation. Any such determinations, then, are said to be subject to belief, which is in turn implicitly subject to doubt (ex sub: doubt, article 9).